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What Moves

Quentin Roger, founder of Moves & Tales, is a new maker. His artistic approach fuses physical theatre and dance to create an emotionally charged experience that delves into the depths of the human being, revealing profound truths about our nature. Through his work, Quentin seeks to create an intuitive and challenging environment that pushes creative boundaries, resulting in a shared experience that transcends all backgrounds.

Who Tells

Quentin Roger is a performing artist with an international background. He previously performed with NDT and is currently working as a ballet master at Codarts Rotterdam and stager for Johan Inger. He is developing his own understanding of physical theatre and seeking a platform to experiment with different approaches to his art. By being involved in every aspect of the creation process, including music and video editing, Quentin brings his unique artistic vision to life.

Where to Now

As an artist, Quentin is developing his understanding of physical theatre and exploring how its cinematographic qualities can be applied to film. In charge of his own production and advertisement, he is seeking a platform that allows him to fully develop all aspects of his creative process.
Alongside his work in physical theatre, Quentin is also expanding into music and acting.