Tout Seul

Inspired by the Japanese phenomenon Kodokushi (lonely death), Tout Seul reveals an intimate window on the life of someone that is desperately lonely. Departing from a very emotional place, Physical Theatre became the natural starting place for this work and became the focus of Quentin’s new direction.

In 2021 Quentin performed Tout Seul (formerly Kodokushi) for the first time for Les Caillantes festival in Brassy (France) after a very intimate and solitary creation process. Since, the piece has been previewed at De Nieuwe Regentes in The Hague, Dansatelier in Rotterdam, at ICK Amsterdam, and Architanz in Tokyo.

In the spring of 2023, together with Olivier Coëffard and Elitsa Marielle, they recorded the piece as a dance film at De Nieuwe Regentes in The Hague. The movie is in currently in post-production.

Peter Janssen, Photographer founder of KrachtigKAAL captured some moments of that intimate process on the set. Here is a glims.

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Ultimately, Tout Seul existing as a live performance and a cinematographic work strongly represents the multifaceted focus of Quentin’s new found art form.